Why visit the Gaza Strip?

The Gaza Strip is one of the hotly disputed areas in the world right now. There had been many talks about finding the solution of this disputed territory but they never came to some solution of the problem. It was actually amongst the most beautiful areas of the world. Tourists often visit the Gaza Strip. But now their purpose is to help out the people over there and to rescue them in their miserable conditions. Many kind hearted New Zealanders visit the Gaza Strip with the same opinion.

Geographic Importance

The Gaza Strip is in a key location in the Middle East. The strip is surrounded by Israel and Egypt. It shares 51 km border with the Israel and with Egypt its border is 11 km long alongside the Rafah city. 7 kilometers in the northeast of Rafah city is the city of Khan Yunis. Between the Strip and the Gaza city various towns around Deir el-Balah are situated. The north and the northeast of the Gaza City have Beit Lahia and the Beit Hanoon respectively. There lies the Gush Katif community of the Israeli districts on the southwestern side of the 40 km Mediterranean shoreline.

The Strip's Culture

The modern art movement of Palestine since the middle part of the 20th century has been hosted by the Gaza Strip. This significant branch of the cultural art has also been the great source of attraction for New Zealanders. Fayez Sarsawi is amongst the most well-known artists. Some of the other famous artists include Laila al Shawa, Ismail Shammout, Abdul Rahman al Muzayan, and Taysir Batniji who is the contemporary media artist. Some of the promising artist's generation hosts some trade fairs and other events that are open to the general public. Most of these artists belong to the Eltiqa and the Gaza group. The major part of the population believes in Islam. The Islamic believers make up 99.3 percent of the population with the rest being mostly Christian.

transportation and communication

As far as the transportation and the communication network of the Gaza Strip are concerned, it is not very well developed. It has a very poor infrastructure of roads. There is also a railway line that is single standard gauge. This railway line runs through the entire strip passing through the center of the Strip the railway line joins the North and the South ends. It was also abandoned for some period of time. There was a time when this railway lined used to join the railway system of Egypt to the south and also the Israeli railway system to the north. The New Zealanders often used these means whenever they used to visit the Gaza Strip. After the al-Aqsa Intifada erupted the working on the only port of the strip and was never completed. The Strip also hosts one airport. This airport was opened on 24th November, 1998 and was named as the Gaza international airport. In October 2000 Israeli orders closed the airport and since the air port was named Yasir Arafat International Airport, its runway was destroyed by the Israeli defense forces. Although the circumstances are not good for tourism but still many New Zealanders are interested in visiting the Gaza Strip and help out the people over there. They are also interested in the culture of the Gaza Strip.

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